Tuition, Lunch & Aftercare

2019-2020 Annual Tuition:*

1 student: $8,986
2 students: $17,069
3 students: $24,806
4 students: $32,349
5 students: $35,957
*Rate is for active Catholic families. For information from Saint Jude the Apostle Catholic Church on being an active Catholic family, click here.
Rate for Non-Catholic and Non-Parish Verification families is $10,855 per student.

Tuition Payment Plan Options:

Annual – Full payment of tuition is due July 5th or 20th, 2019.
Semi-annual - The first payment is due July 5th or 20th, 2019. The second payment is due February 5th or 20th, 2020. (FACTS annual enrollment fee - $15)
Monthly - Ten equal monthly payments begin on July 5th or 20th, 2019 through April 5th or 20th, 2020. (FACTS annual enrollment fee - $50)

The payment plans below are calculated after the enrollment deposit of $500 per family.

Payment Plans Annual Semi-annual Monthly
1 child 8,486.00 4,243.00 848.60
2 children 16,569.00 8,284.50 1,656.90
3 children 24,306.00 12,153.00 2,430.60
4 children 31,849.00 15,924.50 3,184.90
5 children 35,457.00 17,728.50 3,545.70
Non-Catholic 10,355.00 5,177.50 1,035.50

All tuition payments must be made through FACTS Tuition Management.

For families new to Saint Jude School - To set up your FACTS account:
Click here to access the FACTS website. In the "New Account" section, select "Create a username & password." If you have any questions about the FACTS enrollment process, contact Ashley Garrett in the Business Office at 770-394-2880, ext.425 or

If you are a returning family, no action is needed. Your existing FACTS account agreement will roll over into the 2019-2020 school year.

Lunch and Aftercare Fees

Lunch Program

Students have the option of purchasing lunch or bringing a lunch from home. Lunch can be ordered daily during morning homeroom. Meals are prepared fresh daily, and milk is included. Those bringing lunch from home can purchase milk only.

Lunch Charges

Grades K-8 (milk included) $4.50 per day
Milk $0.60

Aftercare Program

Saint Jude the Apostle Catholic School offers an aftercare program to the students of Saint Jude until 6:30 PM, Monday-Friday. Students may attend the program on a regular basis, for occasional emergencies, or during a late carpool pick-up situation. Any student not picked up by the end of regular carpool will be checked into our aftercare program.

Their time in the aftercare program is unstructured, with the freedom to relax with their friends while under the supervision of staff members. When students arrive each afternoon, they receive a snack. Weather permitting, children go out to the playground, play basketball or four square, or simply engage in imaginative play on the playground. Indoors they have supervised homework time, draw, read, play board games, and have social time.

Aftercare Program Charges

Annual registration (per family) $50.00
Daily rate (1 Child) $15.00
Daily rate (2 Children) $24.00
Daily rate (3 Children) $30.00
Daily rate (4 Children) $33.00
Pick up after dismissal $15.00
Pick up after 6:30 p.m. $50.00

Before School Care Parents may drop off their children at the cafeteria door beginning at 7:15 AM to be greeted by a staff member. Students will remain in the cafeteria until 7:40 AM when morning carpool drop-off begins outside. There is no charge for before school care.

2019-2020 Incidental Charges

After school care, lunch, PTA events, and other incidental charges are billed and paid through FACTS Tuition Management. These charges will be billed separately from your tuition. There is no fee from FACTS for this service.

You will receive a FACTS email notification on the 10th of each month when you have lunch, after care, and other incidental charges added to your account. These payments are due on the 25th of each month and are automatically withdrawn through FACTS on the 25th.

FACTS returned payment fee $30.00
School late payment fee: lunch/other charges $40.00
School late payment fee: tuition $75.00