Pre-K 4 Curriculum


The Saint Jude the Apostle Catholic School PreK-4 Class fosters:


Spiritual Development:

Spiritual development comes through applying the Gospels to our lives. It encompasses a life lived in relationship with God in Christ through the Spirit, within a community of believers.

Language and Literacy Development:

Language and literacy development includes a child’s receptive language, what they understand is being read or said to them, and their expressive language or simply put, their ability to communicate and express their own thoughts and feelings through speech or written expression. 

Cognition and General Knowledge:       

Cognitive skills are the core skills your brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. Each of the cognitive skills along with self-help and other executive function skills plays an important part in processing new information and building the knowledge used every day at school, at work, and in life.

Approaches Towards Learning:

Through a multi-sensory learning approach and a wide variety of activities, the PreK-4 program encourages curiosity, creativity, independence, ability to cooperate, persistence, and stamina.

Physical Well-being and Motor Development:       

Age-appropriate physical activities such as running, skipping, and throwing, catching, and kicking a ball are important to the overall physical and motor development.  Multi-tiered experiences utilizing items such as scissors, paint brushes, markers, and clay develop the fine motor skills.

Social and Emotional Development:

Social and emotional development refers to the ability to make and maintain relationships. Cooperating with others, developing conflict resolution skills, and developing and showing empathy for others are essential skills for a successful life.