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Dear Saint Jude Families,
My name is Eleanor Cates. I will be serving as your PTA President alongside my husband Nathaniel. The PTA Executive Board has been working hard all summer to prepare for the new school year. At Saint Jude, our kids get a foundation that prepares them for all that life has to offer. We know our kids are going to excel at Saint Jude, but we also want to encourage parents to get involved as well.


We have a wonderful organization within our school known as the Parent Teacher Alliance. The PTA was created to encourage parental involvement, and it’s the dedication of our parents that makes Saint Jude School such a unique environment. So, what does the Parent Teacher Alliance DO? 
 Promote Parental Involvement
 Sponsor Community Activities and Events
 Provide School Related Services
 Raise Funds for Improvements, Equipment, and Enrichment Programs
 A Vehicle of Communication between Parents, Administration and Faculty

Below are the parents who serve on this year’s PTA Board. This group of amazing people oversees over thirty-five PTA Committees and events.

PTA Executive Board
Co-Presidents Elect – Katie and Tim Carr
Treasurer – Andrea Arabia
Communications – Lauren Campbell
Vo-Vice President Student Services – Cami Dettmer and Ann Marie Flynn
Co-Vice Presidents Enrichment – Brandy Bruceand Megan Marsh
Co-Vice Presidents Spiritual Life – Lili Ray and Molly Dean
Co-Volunteer Coordinators – Lindsay Morton and Liane York
Primary Grade Rep – Lindsay Moon
Intermediate Grade Rep – Emily Schroeder
Middle School Grade Rep – Katie Maclaga
Faculty Advisor – Carly Chambrello


We are looking forward to a great year with lots of fun PTA events – including Fall Festival, Bingo Nights, Secret Santa, Spring Fling, and our marquee event – The 2024 Auction which will be a Mardi Gras Ball held on February 3rd !
Also, in alignment with the main goals of the PTA, we are going to focus on service for this year. We are very excited to serve alongside you. We need volunteers to run the many amazing programs our school has to offer.  We want EVERY parent to feel included and to have the opportunity to share their time and talents with our school. 

We are looking forward to a great school year!

Eleanor Cates
Eleanor and Nathaniel Cates
2023-2024 PTA Presidents