GRACE Scholars

In 2008, the state of Georgia passed legislation that established the Georgia Private School Tax Credit. This law allows Georgia taxpayers to divert a portion of their state tax obligation to a Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) of their choosing to be used as financial aid at a Georgia private school. Soon after this piece of legislation was passed, the Archdiocese of Atlanta partnered with the Archdiocese of Savannah to form GRACE Scholars, Inc., the Catholic SSO allowed under this law.

G.R.A.C.E. (Georgia Residents Assisting Children’s Education) offers families the prospect to access a faith based, academically strong, and community based Catholic school in the state of Georgia. It is the only Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) that exclusively supports Catholic education.

GRACE Scholarships are available to students transferring into a Catholic school from a public school, or entering kindergarten for the first time. Supporting students with a GRACE Scholarship frees up the school's funds for financial aid so that more families can be helped with tuition assistance.

If you owe Georgia State taxes and would like to divert a portion of those taxes to Saint Jude the Apostle Catholic School, or any other Catholic school in Georgia, please consider participating.

Schools in the Archdiocese of Atlanta reserve the right to decline funding from SSOs that do not award scholarships based on financial need. In addition, the maximum amount of SSO scholarships awarded to students in Archdiocesan Schools is the lowest of the following: student's calculated financial need; 80% of the tuition applicable to the student; an index of per-pupil public school spending in Georgia; and, the maximum cap established by the local school.

GRACE Scholars, Inc., welcomes the transfer of funding from one SSO to another as allowed by state law. In these instances, the school reserves the right to award GRACE scholarships in accordance with local procedures

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