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Future City Regional Competition
Posted: 1/11/2020

For the fifth time in six years, a Saint Jude Middle School team won the Future City Regional Competition and will represent Georgia at the National Championship in Washington, DC. 

Future City is one of the nation’s leading engineering education programs, and tasks the students with researching, designing, and building a city to showcase their solutions to a citywide sustainability issue.  This year’s theme Clean Water – Tap into Tomorrow challenged the students to identify a threat to their city’s water source and design a resilient system to maintain a reliable supply of clean drinking water. The city would exist at least 100 years in the future, and the engineering solutions had to be innovative, futuristic, and scientifically plausible.

In planning their city of the future, the cross-curricular program affords students the opportunity to practice the engineering design process, i.e. brainstorm ideas, design solutions, test, retest, and build.  At the competition, teams must present their vision of the future through a virtual city design (using SimCity™ software), a 1500 word essay,  a short oral presentation to a panel of STEM professionals, and a scale model of their city built with recycled materials and spending no more than $100,  As a result of the requirements, students enhance their writing, public speaking, problem solving, teamwork, and time management skills.
The champion team, named Team SMART Springs (an acronym for Safe Metropolis-Active Resilient Thriving), consists of sixth graders Adam Doulby, Anna Duffy, Barbara Guaderrama, Robbie Mahan, Ryan Quinnelly, Josh Tippen, and eighth grader Will Mahan.  The students were guided by faculty STEM advisor, Mrs. Eleonora Straub, and parent coach, Mrs. Banesa Guaderrama.

In addition to placing first in the region, Team SMART Springs also won Best Research Essay, Best Virtual City, the Accessible City Award, and a special award presented by NCEES for Best Land Surveying Practices.