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Circus of the Kids
Posted: 10/1/2017

There were no dancing bears or tightrope walkers, but there were plenty of tantalizing trapeze acts and agile acrobats when the circus came to our school this week. 

Tallahassee, Florida-based CIRCUS OF THE KIDS, the unique educational program that teaches circus arts to school children worked its magic once again at Saint Jude, turning over 120 of our lucky 6th, 7th and 8th graders into accomplished circus stars.

The only program of its kind in the country, CIRCUS OF THE KIDS takes untrained youngsters and turns them into skilled circus performers inside of a 3 week timeframe during after school practice sessions.  This is accomplished through a combination of circus arts instruction, motor skill training, and personal esteem building, all taught within a low-stress, fun-filled environment.  

Some of the featured acts during the 2-hour show included juggling, trick bicycle riding, and acrobatics, and concluded with a stunning double trapeze act with a surprise twist.