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Baptism of PE Teacher's Daughter, Andie Fason
Posted: 11/2/2017

Participating in God’s sacraments is one of the beautiful blessings we enjoy as Catholics, and sharing those sacraments with family and friends is a tenet of our Catholic faith.  All of the faculty, staff and students at Saint Jude the Apostle Catholic School were privileged to participate in the beautiful sacrament of Baptism when our PE teacher, Chris Fason, and his wife chose to have their infant daughter, Andrea Grace “Andie”, baptized at our school Mass.  It was the first baptism many of our students had ever witnessed, and Monsignor Joseph Corbett, Pastor, insured that we all knew what every detail of this gateway sacrament of initiation meant.

With a second grade teacher having celebrated her wedding at a school Mass last year, Coach Fason and his wife sharing the baptism of Andie with the school community this year, and Andie’s Godmother being a teacher at the school, it is obvious why the parents, students, faculty, and staff of our school describe themselves as “family!”